Overtown Music & Arts Festival 2014 - graysonfoto

"The Overtown Music & Arts Festival formerly named Overtown Rhythm & Arts Festival is being planned and implemented by Headliner Market Group (HMG), and the Southeast Overtown/Park West CRA along with volunteers and local leaders of the Overtown Community. This Festival will celebrate the rich history of one of Miami’s earliest settlements.

The festival will not only bring music and art back to the streets of Overtown, but it will help promote economic development".. (More here ..Overtown Music Arts Festival)

If you were unaware of the event happening blame the lack of enthusiasm my local media networks. It was very exciting and worth the time hearing big artists, many who call Miami home perform for free. With the help of 99 Jamz, The Beat 103.5, Barry University School of Social Work with many other local establishments, there was indeed success with each accomplishment. One can only hope that each year, support will grow larger and become well publicized outside of the likes of Miami New Times and Urban radio.

It was truly great to see so many giving back to the community, enriching it with positivity amidst the revitalization efforts happening both visually and socially within the community. 

Here are a few images, click on any image to be take to where all images are ... One Love!!